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Este mapa interativo mostra a ocorrência e a distribuição geográfica da violência contra a mulher em território indígena Guarani e Kaiowá. Se você sofreu alguma violência e deseja contribuir para o mapa, por favor, preencha o formulário à direita.

categories of violence

Violence is a word that has no translation in the Guarani and Kaiowá languages. What would come closest to the translation of this word would be reko va; that is to live or behave in a bad or negative way.


In this map you will find fifteen categories as ways in which violence affects our bodies as Kaiowá and Guarani women. Not all women think equally and categories overlap and cannot be understood independently from one another.


Our fight had to follow the karaí (non-indigenous) way of kuatia (documentation). We were forced to understand this violent process of decimation and colonisation of our bodies in Portuguese. It is important to note that writing about the process of decimation and colonisation of our bodies in the karaí language is in and of itself a violence.

The Brazilian State and their violence against our bodies

Religious intolerance crime

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Indigenous children and the silence violence


Moral Violence

Leaderships and movements criminalization

COVID-19 Pandemic

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barreira covid.png

Territorial Eviction

Psychological Violence




Hunger, diseases, pesticides

Domestic violence 


Violence against our bodies



Spiritual Violence

Violence at Universities

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