The Kuñangue Aty Guasu women maintain an active presence in their communities throughout the year, coordinating community projects and emergency actions to support and strengthen women, children, and the Guarani and Kaiowá population as a whole, seeking to combat the diverse forms of violence that take place in the region.

In recent months, racism and religious intolerance has grown in Kaiowá and Guarani territories. Our traditional spaces are being attacked, and our Nhandesys (traditional shamans) are suffering violence on a daily basis. They are hunted like witches, intimidated and violated; our traditional houses are demonised and are burnt down. This year, in the month of October alone, two ceremonial houses which had only recently been inaugurated were burnt down: one in the Guapo’y territory in Amambai, and another in Rancho Jacaré territory in Laguna Carapã. Our dreams, our experiences, our ancestralities are in flames, our native Kaiowá and Guarani heritage turned to ashes. These traditional spaces are a part of our bodies, and it is a part of us that has gone. 


In response, the Kuñangue Aty Guasu women are seeking to rebuild the ceremonial houses that have been burnt down in arson attacks, and need your support. Help us  rebuild our heritage inside our Tekohá/ traditional territories! To support the reconstruction of our ceremonial houses, we are gathering funds to rebuild and help them rise from the ashes. 

Make your donation online via Paypal, pix, or by bank transfer.


Atima Porã / Obrigado / Thank You

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Bank Details:

Account Name: Instituto para o Desenvolvimento da Arte e da Cultura

Acronym: IDAC

CNPJ (Tax ID Number):  07.382.034/0001-37

Bank Name: Banco do Brasil - 001

Sort Code: Agência 0391-3

Account Number: Conta corrente 119416-x

IBAN Number : BR3900000000003910001194160C1


Bank Address: Av. Joaquim Teixeira Alves, 1796 - Centro, Dourados - MS, 79801-015